Monday, August 31, 2009

Self-Proclaimed Insomniac

Currently, I sit here 51 minutes after midnight. The start of a new month, and nothing on my mind but the music flowing through my hears from my sound resistant Sony headphones. Mood=blithe. Song of Choice= personal favorite "More Than a Feeling" by the most amazing band Boston. Current trend to admire: band tees

Lindsay Lohan rockin a Boston tee. (yes i secretly love her...)

Mary-Kate...don't know if it's a band but's MK..who cares??

DIY: Wood Purses

MAK purses
My very own creation.

What You'll Need:
1. basic plywood that you can cut with a bow knife
2. any color stain (i chose a mahogany)
3. a boxknife
4. electric drill to put holes
5. some sort of chain/rope/ribbon for straps
6. miniature screws and clasps (Micheal's is a one-stop trip)
7. optional wood burning kit for designs in the wood or any other decor

I would firstly sketch out many different ways you would like the purse before deciding on just one.
Next, measure the wood in order to make it fit like a puzzle
Trace it one and then cut with box very careful to not cut yourself of to not cause the wood to splinter or break.
Once the pieces are cut out, stain the wood and let dry for alloted time- about 30 minutes
use wood burning kit or other decor at this time
drill holes and but hinges over them in order to connect the pieces...forewarning: this part can be tricky. just be patient
put chains on and BAM!

for additional help, contact Lady Suede at

You know where I'll be...

September 8 = Christian Siriano for Payless. Select stores and online.
Personally...I'm in l-o-v-e with the slither boot.

Christian Siriano for Payless Strut Pump

Christian Siriano for Payless Sandstrap Peep Toe

Christian Siriano Slither Boot

Christian Siriano for Payless Sandstrap Peep Toe

The Countdown BEGINS

Project Runway patriot, Christian Siriano has announced his new line of shoes (bound to be off the wall GORGEOUS) for.....wait for it....PAYLESS!!

The new line is supposed to hit sometime this month and will range from $25-$45...affordable for even me! To find out more,click HERE.

Christian Siriano for Payless.

Summer days, driftin away

I decided that the best way for you to get to know me is through the fashion that I love. So I was flipping through's best of summer and decided to share the looks that made me break out in grease, craving for those summer days

Rinette Pradhan at All Points West
yellow sunglasses, red drawstring shorts, and a tank top with a knot on the shoulder (all of my tank tops soon to follow suit) are my personal favs in this photo, plus she has the attitude (and body) to pull it all off

Tara Nichols
not as in love with the whole outfit above, but am definitely putting that t-shirt on my diy list
plus, even when summer ends, i see major potential paired with leather leggings and ankle boots

and finally, the one that i'm absolutely and irrevocably obsessed with

Chantal van der Meijden in Miu Miu
this officially brought me from the depths of black high fashion to the white light of layers, ruffles, and sheer gooorgeousness

soon to tell you more,
E. Marie


Playlist Right Now:
1. Remedy-Little Boots
2. Oslo in the Summertime-Of Montreal
3. Myxomatosis-Radiohead
4. Talk to Me, Dance With Me-Hot Hot Heat
5. X-Ray Eyes-The Riff Tiffs (yay Houston bands!!)
6. Blue Lips-Regina Spektor
7. Glass Danse-The Faint
8. First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes
9. Heretics-Andrew Bird

You can see my eyesss. Creepies.


ZipMeUp Reeeal Nice

Is it silly to spend $13.75 on a zipper?
I'm leaning towards yes, but get it anyways.
size 30 Zipper at check it.
also look at the runway dresses from Marios
Schwab 2007. link here

image from google image search. (cuz that's how i rollz)
Lurve a pensive Sateen


Just messin' around instead of doing homework, as usual. Got
this skirt last weekend at a thrift store, it was perfect because i've
been wanting a sheer piece in my wardrobe for a while...and
voila! Also jsyk these shoes are my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lurve Sateen

Target shoes, thrifted sheer skirt.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Yesterday's Purse from vintage store down the street.
planning on studding one side with a gradient scale of pyramid
studs. will be posting DIY. 
Also Urban Glasses, F21 Sunnies, and Chanel Lipstick in
 Coco's Peach
Lurve Sateen

if i could have anything it would be everything
Kate and Laura have ever touched. They are my
personal heroes!

saving up my money for the line (easy since it's
priced UNDER $80!!!)

Comes out December 20th. Which is altogether
too far away and i shall have withered into dust
from waiting, and yet....MOST EXCITING

Read More here and here

Lurve Sateen

Missoni Fall 2009

Fabulous shots by RYAN MCGINLEy for the Missoni Fall Ad Campaign. 
hmmm. what would i have to do to get him to shoot me?

Lurve Sateen

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kenneth Jay Lane

Snake Ring: Turquoise
KJL torquoise snake ring.

Butterfly Ring
KJL torquoise butterfly ring.

love Lady Suede

Une Journée à Paris

Van Cleef & Arpels amazingg coral, mother of pearl, gold, and diamonds.
"Mercredi a Paris"

06: The Year I Found My Soulmate

Balenciaga '06

A few unique ways to wear them on one of my favorite fashionistas.

Is anyone else in LOVE??

.....with model Erin Wasson's line of jewelry that is!
The line is called Low Luv and has chain ppieces that wrap around your body.