Monday, August 31, 2009

DIY: Wood Purses

MAK purses
My very own creation.

What You'll Need:
1. basic plywood that you can cut with a bow knife
2. any color stain (i chose a mahogany)
3. a boxknife
4. electric drill to put holes
5. some sort of chain/rope/ribbon for straps
6. miniature screws and clasps (Micheal's is a one-stop trip)
7. optional wood burning kit for designs in the wood or any other decor

I would firstly sketch out many different ways you would like the purse before deciding on just one.
Next, measure the wood in order to make it fit like a puzzle
Trace it one and then cut with box very careful to not cut yourself of to not cause the wood to splinter or break.
Once the pieces are cut out, stain the wood and let dry for alloted time- about 30 minutes
use wood burning kit or other decor at this time
drill holes and but hinges over them in order to connect the pieces...forewarning: this part can be tricky. just be patient
put chains on and BAM!

for additional help, contact Lady Suede at

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