Monday, September 28, 2009

Not sure if this is Taboo or not.

okay so just up late because i went and got coffee at 10:30. Good ideas do NOT come in threes methinks. and i ran across THIS post on Knightcat.  This girl is seriously channeling my feelings on everything right now...anyways

5 best things about the post.
(think of this as an interactive activity, you read my comments and then can go look at the post and see if it fits together. checks it foo)

1. The movie Rushmore. (filmed at my school, wtf plotline, gotta. lurve. it.)
2. The picture of Natalia Vodianova (somehow in a black and white picture i can see color in her eyes.)
3. Pictures of people smoking. (if you are becoming annoyed by the things in the parentheses juuust buildabridgeandgetoverit)
4. The last picture (lola-it even has BABIES(no katchet not sad babies))
5. Chandeliers (my dream room has three chandeliers in it.)

Take Home-Basically just go look. because thats whats going on in my brain....creeeepy

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